Fifteen years ago Richard Leonard was just beginning to make his mark in the auction business.  Needless to say, he had no intention of one day becoming a realtor.  But, through relationships with clients in the auction business, Mr. Leonard realized there was a need for him to provide an honest service to those who were wishing to sell their homes and, thus, Ohio Real Estate was born.  Combining his auction business with a real estate business would prove to be a smart and successful move. 

Mr. Leonard and Ohio Real Estate specialize in commercial, residential, and land real estate listings and auctions. He is a licensed realtor in the state of Ohio, member of the Toledo Board of Realtors, a member of the Better Business Bureau and a certified Real Estate Appraiser for the Lucas County Probate Court.  The company‚Äôs flexibility in being able to offer a traditional real estate listing or a real estate auction is something their clients greatly appreciate.  Being competitive in pricing and commission structure while providing the same quality and services as other real estate companies sets Mr. Leonard and Ohio Real Estate apart in today's real estate market.

When asked what their philosophy is, Mr. Leonard and Ohio Real Estate will tell you that service is #1.  They pride their company on honesty and integrity, constantly putting clients first.  They will always suggest what is best for the client over what they think is best for their business.  Honest communication is key in real estate, and Mr. Leonard and Ohio Real Estate believe in just that. 

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